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Typical Postweld Heat Treatments

Postweld heat treatment is typically required if the carbon content exceeds 0.35%. Postweld heat treatment can be done several ways:

  1. Quench and temper the entire weldment.
  2. Stress relieve the entire weldment:
    • First, cool slowly from the preheat temperature to below the martensite transformation temperature (MS) but above room temperature.
    • Hold at that temperature for at least one hour.
    • Then heat at 1100 to 1250 °F for 1 hour per inch per base metal thickness.
  3. Partial stress relieve the weld area at 900 °F for longer times.

MC-GRADE® Low Alloy Steel Welding Wire can be used for many arc welding processes:

  • GMAW
  • EBW
  • GTAW
  • PAW