100% Certified TURBALOY® filler metals AMS - AWS – Company Specifications

Welding Alloys for Space Applications

PWA LCS – GE S400 / S1000 – Rolls Royce SABRe 9000 Approved Welding Consumables

Approved by Major Airline MRO Facilities Worldwide

DFARS Compliant Welding Wire and Rod – Cage Code 58401

Nickel – Cobalt – Stainless - Vacuum Melted Alloy Steel Welding Alloys for Power Generation

Custom (VIM) Melted Welding Consumables – R & D – Special Projects – Critical Applications

High Quality Welding Wire for Additive Manufacturing



Established in 1960, United States Welding Corporation has become the leading manufacturer of ultra-clean, high-performance welding wire for the aircraft and land-based turbine engine overhaul markets. Using a proprietary cold forming process marketed as MC-GRADE®, welding wire is produced without the use of contaminating lubricants that are typically found in commercial wire manufacturing processes and has proven to dramatically reduce or eliminate costly weld rework and repair.

USW stocks over 150 different welding alloys in most common diameters and certifies to AMS, AWS, QQ, MIL or Company specifications. Custom vacuum melted heats are also available for R&D or specific critical welding applications.

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